Goldman, Jane "Back Porch Reflections #5"

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Goldman, Jane "Back Porch Reflections #5"


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Artist: Jane Goldman

Title: Back Porch Reflections #5


Medium: Lithograph

Edition: 7 of 55

Paper Size: 30 x 22

Image Size: 30 x 22

Catalog No: 7294

Condition: 3 very faint stains: lower left, top left, lower right

Provenance: This original print is from our collection or art recovered from the 1989 Brunswick fire in Chicago that destroyed several art galleries. The works of art which we have are in various degrees of condition , and we will note the damage, if any, by individual pieces. Most damage is limited to the borders where it would be easily covered by a matte. The majority of the pieces were done in the 70's and 80's mostly by well known artists. There are approximately 250 artists represented in the collection of about 1500 pieces. This is truly an unusual opportunity to own some of the great contemporarty artists at discount prices. The pieces have already been discounted due to the condition.