About Us

Reutilizing America's Resources

Our motto describes precisely what Heritage Equipment is all about.  Through the purchase of surplus equipment from large companies, organizations and government agencies, Heritage Equipment provides a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire expensive equipment for a fraction of the original value while reutilizing the technology, natural resources and manpower used to produce the items. In our dedication to reutilization, we not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Our own warehouse, built primarily of used and surplus components, gives few hints as to its reutilized character and blends in with the other modern structures in our corporate park.  Some of the reutilized components are pictured below.

windows and siding

SURPLUS WINDOWS AND SIDING - Full band of windows

nearly eliminates the need for lighting reducing engery costs


ROOF TRUSSES-Free span trusses reclaimed from an

old Kodak building along with used bar joists



INSULATION - Reject garage door panels

were used as insulation


FLOORING - Reclaimed grain mill oak flooring

was installed in our offices

Packing and Shipping

Our philosophy to reutilize America’s resources is further supported by our company practice of reusing most of the packaging supplies we receive. When machines and parts are shipped to us, where practical, we save a majority of the packaging materials, crates and boxes for future use.  This reutilization practice reduces landfill costs, costs to our customers, and ultimately helps our environment through preservation of resources.


freight item

Freight items are securly banded before being

wrapped with cardboard, stretch film or shrink wrap.

shrink wrap

 shrink wrap

Surplus heat shrink plastic once intended to wrap currency

by the US mint, now protects some machinery we ship.


25,000lb crate being rigged onto carrier